My Collection

Our collection of old and new tools, especially beekeeping and other rural activities, are housed in a building about a hundred years old, once used for the supplementary work of the farm.

The fact that my family, alongside other agricultural activities, were beekeepers from way back when, has allowed me to have this wonderful collection of tools and instruments. Through this presentation, you will be introduced to the life of bees from ancient times until today.

The relationship between man and the honeybee will be discussed and how it has changed through time. Learn about the impressive bee colonies which work together in order to create this wonderful product, honey, along with other valuable products they offer us.

Honey and bee products which have followed man through history have been and are used for nutrition, medicine and cosmetics. Discover how the beehive produces royal jelly, wax and venom. Also, how the bee collects nectar, pollen and propolis.